Parent/Teacher Night- Michael’s Progress And Mine This Year

Report Cards

I can’t believe we are almost at the end of another school year again. Today is Parent/Teacher Night and I will be going to talk to Michael’s teachers about his last report card. It was excellent overall. The only issues were with his fine motor difficulties with handwriting, and something else that surprised me. It is his focusing on his friends’ behaviors and doings and commenting on them out loud. I would do this myself sometimes as child, though silently in my head. Sometimes I would report to my mother what the other kids did. It served me well after for writing stories and poems, but of course was not great in the classroom where I would miss other things going on in the room. I will, of course, be sure to address how his father and I also tell him not to be concerned with others’ business. We have to remind him of this in public places, as he will sometimes ask people questions about what they are doing. But I digress.

What really strikes me at this time of year is how I can see Michael’s growth as a human being, academically and socially. I can see the setbacks he has overcome and is overcoming, and how much he has changed yet remained the inquisitive, sensitive, active little guy he is. I am proud of the human being he is becoming, and grateful for all the wonderful supportive community around us helping him to grow into this human being. Of course, I am also witnessing my own growth as an Exceptional Mom too, through the good and bad times, and where I am in terms of helping Michael on his life journey. It’s an exciting time to come to terms with where I am. Last year, I was personally in a rough place, learning how to take care of myself while parenting Michael. I’ve come a long way as has he, from the parent and child we were last year. We both have things to still overcome in our journeys as growing human beings, but I know our bond has become stronger.

How many of you Moms out there feel your child’s end of year report reflects as much on what you learned about them over the year, what you learned about yourself? I think we should never stop learning about what we can improve upon in our lives, what new experiences we can open ourselves up to, and what others outside our immediate family and friends, can show us about our loved ones and ourselves. So this year when you look at your child’s report card and see that positive growth, take some credit for your part in it. We are all on the journey of life together, growing and becoming the best people we can be. Until next time.

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