Learning To Organize Brain and Body- Exceptional Teachings

“Mommy, I’m overstimulated today. I need some compressions and to swing.”

I was so proud of Michael when he said this this morning. He is learning to read his body and brain, and knows what he needs to feel organized and whole. The only problem was the time.

“There’s no time for the swing buddy. You slept in today. If you go on the swing, you’ll be late for the bus.  I can do some compressions on your shoulders and fingers while we wait for the bus.”

He thought about it for a second. “I only need shoulder compressions Mommy. Thanks for offering though!”  Too funny and cute.

It’s so wonderful to see this side of him, so sure of himself and mature. At night the tired much younger child comes out and it’s been a struggle to say the least. But the mature little boy is there every morning. I am so happy that he has learned to read his body and knows what to ask for most of the time. He will tell me when it is too noisy in an environment, when he needs to chew on his chewie or gum, or if he needs to move and go places. This has made a world of difference in both our stress levels. Michael has also got me to see what my body needs, what I can tolerate and what I need to refrain from doing. In another teaching moment, he has taught me brain/body organization. I need to move too, especially with music. Aerobics and Zumba need to make a return soon to my schedule! I need meditation and yoga to clear my head, early am or late pm, and reading and writing help me express pent up emotions and unwind after a tough day. A good long walk can help me work through a problem too.

What have your Exceptional Children taught you about yourselves, Exceptional Moms? How do you respond to your environment now for the better? It’s amazing what we take for granted in how we relate to the world, and what we sometimes miss as health cues that our brain is sending us. Many changes can make the difference between feeling well and sick. I encourage you to find out what techniques your brain and body need to do to feel whole, and like in many other things, let your Exceptional Child be your guide to a life of health and wholeness. Until next time.

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