Spring School Concerts and Spa Get Aways-Homages to Growth and Self-Care

Today is Michael’s Spring Concert at school. His father, myself and my parents will be attending as usual, and of course, are excited to see him perform. The class is doing two songs from The Sound of Music, and I’m sure I will be hearing Michael’s voice booming above most of his classmates’ voices. He loves to sing, even if he experiences a little bit of stage nervousness from time to time. He has come a long way from the non-verbal little boy who couldn’t say a word and wouldn’t sit still for longer than a few seconds. I look forward to his two yearly concerts every year. It reminds me how far he has come, and all the hard work he has put in to get there. And these concerts, particularly the Spring ones, remind me how much he grown in the past school year.

As of last year, I also started a new tradition with a dear friend of mine to mark my own growth. After coming home from Michael’s Spring Concert and Potluck lunch, a friend and I head to a nearby spa for an overnight stay of access to the baths, a Swedish massage, dinner, an overnight stay at their hotel, and a wonderful continental breakfast the next morning! It is my homage to myself and how far I have come in my way of looking at self-care, and of taking care of energizing and revitalizing myself to be the best woman, wife and Mom I can be. Michael and his Dad get quality father/son time, and I get quality alone time and time with a close friend. It works out for all of us, and helps restore all our energy levels. I have another dear female friend to thank for recommending this spa get away.

What traditions do you hold dear for your children and yourself? Where do you most see your children’s growth and your own at this time? And if so, what changes can you make to feel happier, healthier and in balance in your life? These are questions I ask myself every day and when I do, I find that the solutions usually present themselves in simple things, with the occasional yearly spa great escape! 🙂 Until next time.

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