Gardening With Children-The Flourishing of People

“Mommy, I want to have a garden in the backyard. Can we plant fruits and vegetables next week?”

“Yes, Michael. We can go and buy the plants together.”

I was so excited that Michael was interested in this. He has always loved to walk around my in-laws’ garden in their backyard, and has even helped me with planting shrubs and flowers in the front of our house in previous years, but this desire for a garden is relatively new. Last year he loved listening to a children’s CD over and over in the car when we went places. One of the songs was “Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush.” It got him curious about mulberries. My friend’s patch in her yard was finished by that point, so we went to our local market before his part-time summer camp program in search of mulberries. We didn’t find any, but we bought some boysenberries, and he loved looking at all the fruits and asking how they grew. This was in August, and it was too late to plant, but I promised him next year we would plant fruits and vegetables in the back. I’m actually going to start with plants in pots, as that will be simpler for two novice planters like Michael and I. 🙂 Now, it’s only a matter of organizing and doing it!

Michael constantly surprises me, to say the least. We have fights about transitions, him not understanding if the phone rings and I need him to be quiet while I talk, not yelling hi to the person. Yet, there is this maturity here, an eagerness to learn and grow and try new things, This reminds me that the difficult moments are only part of the story with raising an exceptional child. Like with any child, there are easy and tough times, and as parents we have to remember that we are growing human beings. We have to be patient and they will flourish through the rough times with our help.

Have you ever tried planting with your children, Moms? I have read articles about the benefits of kids tending to plants and caring for them. If you haven’t, see if there is an interest and give it a shot. You never know! They may have more of a green thumb than you and teach you something, kind of like Michael has taught me to like baking. 🙂 Regardless, it will be an exercise of bonding for the two of you, show your children how to take care of a living thing, and watch their hard work flourish into something beautiful. To me, it’s kind of like us watching our children grow and flourish into beautiful human beings with our tending of them. Until next time .

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