Scary and Proud Mommy Moments – Seeing Michael’s Maturity

This afternoon I had one of those heart attack moments they don’t tell you about once you become a mother. You know the ones I’m talking about, right ladies? Losing you kid in a store, (did that), kid falling off a change table, bed, (happened), kid getting really sick and not having energy to move (and you cursing yourself when you get mad at his energy some days when you want to relax). Well, add a new one to that list. Kid getting off school bus a few minutes before you arrive home from work, and going into the neighbor’s house while you are waiting for him in the rain on the porch. Then watch your body and brain do all kinds of funny things when said child and neighbor emerge from neighbor’s house and calmly make their way to your home!

I have to admit I was about to call the bus company as the bus was not usually this late, but I was blaming the rain for that. As it turned out, the bus had arrived  a few  minutes early.  The driver let Michael off.  Michael was banging on the front door and window while the bus driver beeped her horn. The chaos got a good neighbor who is retired to come out of her house and see that Michael was all alone. We all  know this neighbor very well. He has been in her house and she has given us countless toys her grandchildren outgrew. She also has a grandson who has autism, so understands Michael very well. God knew what he was doing when he directed us to this neighborhood!  She assured the bus driver that Michael would come with her until I came home. I was so grateful to her, a little upset that bus driver didn’t call my cell to ask where I was, but man, the stress of those few minutes when I wondered where he was. And then my guilt when I saw him coming out of the neighbor’s house. I felt so bad I was a few minutes late coming home. These things happen though. Life is unpredictable.

“Mommy, I was scared when  I didn’t see you. I was all alone. Then Jackie came to get me.”

“I’m sorry buddy. I was stuck in traffic. It won’t happen again. You’re safe now.”

“I’m so happy Jackie was there.”

“Me too Mommy. I had fun at her house.”

“Tell me all about what you did.”

What are your backup plans for life’s unexpected moments, Moms? What strengths and maturity do you see your kids embracing and how have you and they grown from their experiences of it? I think everything, good and bad, happy or scary, is there to teach us to be more open to what we and our kids can learn from the world around us. It’s important to never lose sight of that. Until next time.

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