Autism Speaks Walkathon and Bringing Families Together

Autism Awareness

This year we unfortunately could not participate in our local Autism Speaks Walkathon. I remember a few years ago when we attended one. The sense of community with fellow exceptional families, the sense that we were not alone, is what stayed with me. My child played in an environment where there were children like him, and I had a chance to talk to others in our situation.

Over the years the event has grown, and now includes tables where different professionals sit to offer their services and or extracurricular activities for Exceptional Children.There are the bouncy trampolines, and summer festival atmosphere, so our kids can be kids. Seeing the smiles on all their faces make it all worthwhile. We felt so proud to be part of a such an event and look forward to participating next year.

What attending Autism Speaks taught me as an Exceptional Mom, was that I was not alone, my community of parents is all around me, and I just have to reach out and join with that community to help Michael reach his full potential. Remember when we all feel a part of something, we can easily see our strengths, not our weaknesses. And that is what will help move us forward as Exceptional Moms of Exceptional Children. Until next time.

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