Special Olympics and the Gift Of Confidence To Us, Our Children

Yesterday Michael went with his school to participate in a Special Olympics event. In the last year or so, they have become even more involved with his adapted school and I couldn’t be happier. What better way to celebrate exceptional children than by showcasing their skills, athletic and otherwise, by an organization that plays up their strengths, and not their weaknesses. Too many times well meaning professionals and organizations do play up our exceptional kids’ weaknesses, not giving them the chance to thrive and be their best.  It is in the guise of helping them improve their weaknesses, but often it just shines the light on those weaknesses and our kids begin to see themselves in terms of what they can’t do. When our kids are at their best, we, as their Exceptional Moms, can be at our best too. As I’ve said many times, our children bring out the best in us and help us see the best in others if we are not afraid to look.

“Mommy, look at the ribbons I got from Special Olympics yesterday! It was so much fun!”

My heart swelled with pride at Michael’s confidence in himself, in his abilities. And I silently thanked his school and this wonderful organization for helping continue to instill this confidence in him. It’s very important that family and friends believe in your child first and foremost, but don’t discount an organization that mirrors back to the child all they can do by believing in themselves and their strengths, not weaknesses.

What organizations has your child participated in that have helped you see even more of their potential and yours? What organizations have made a lasting impact on your life? I can list many more for me and Michael, and I encourage all you Moms out there to reach out to these organizations that bring out our potential as exceptional parents as much as they do for our exceptional children. Until next time.

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