Baking, Playdough and Learning New Things About My Creativity

Yesterday afternoon Michael was in the mood to bake one of his favorite recipes, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. He got his sampling spoon out (yes, to sample each ingredient separately after putting it into the recipe bowl with a different spoon), helped me mix in the ingredients, and then enjoyed the spoils of his baking after his supper and fruit. The cleanup was left to me, of course. šŸ™‚

I never used to like baking, and was even afraid to try it. Michael helped me see how much fun it is, and to experiment a little too, substituting ingredients sometimes and coming up with cool new versions of old recipes. As a result, I’ve become more creative in a different domain, not just with words. It’s been fun, and even on days when I am tiredĀ  I look forward to our culinary exploits together.

“Mommy, mixing this is like playing with play dough. This is fun!”

“It is Michael!” And I meant it. It was fun and therapeutic too in a way, molding the cookie dough in my hands and forming the cookies with Michael on the baking dish. It brought me back to my childhood, and baking with my maternal grandmother. I had fun with that, and am sorry that I drifted away from it. Like with so much, Michael has helped bring me back to doing something fun.

What fun things does your child remind you to do? What fun things can you do together and learn from? I guarantee if you find an activity that you both enjoy, you won’t regret the experiences you’ll both have and the closeness you’ll get from it. Knowing that I could spend this extra time with my beloved little boy, made the extra cleanup seem insignificant by any stretch. Until next time.

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