Going on Adventures and Socializing From Michael’s Perspective

“I am so excited Mommy. I will be home for four days and will have so much time to go on adventures!” These were the words that came out of Michael’s mouth yesterday before the start of the Victoria Day long weekend. Going on adventures for him usually translates as going to different stores and shopping malls in between park visits. He loves stores, ask cashiers and sales clerks their names and tells them his, and enjoys paying for small purchases with cash. Yes, he is starting to understand the concept of money! He also asks his father and I lots of questions about what the store sells, where the people around us are going, and seems to love soaking up the excitement. We have to make sure we don’t stay too long though, or he gets overstimulated and then our exit is anything but fun. As he gets older though, he paces himself better at these places as do we.

I never used to see going to stores as “going on adventures.” This is another one of those things that Michael has taught me, life can be exciting even when performing mundane things like running groceries or other clothing errands. Or that you can discover new sights in sounds at the local mall. He has opened my eyes to how it’s in the little things that we can find big pleasures and fun.

What adventures do your little ones want to go on Moms? What can you learn from your exceptional children about fun and the world around you? The only way is to follow their lead and have fun while you are doing it. You’ll learn about the world in a whole new way and bond too. Until next time.

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