Not Making A Fuss And Decivering Busy From Chaotic

Michael has a new expression, “Don’t make a fuss about that Mommy.” It’s comical, yet he usually uses it when he doesn’t like what I’m saying. It’s his version of “leave me alone,” though he’s been known to say that too as well as “stop talking to me.” The last few days have been challenging ones at both morning and evening time. He is tired and slow to move, so we are in constant negotiations to keep things running smoothly. I can see it is not a put on. At night, his fears come out. In the morning, he is nervous about the end of the school year. He is stuck, and I am having trouble getting him unstuck and showing him I am on his side.  My question every year as this time brings new challenges to us, is how best to meet these challenges together? Today, it was me telling him I wanted to help him, but if he stalled at this rate and missed the bus again, I would have to tell his teachers. That got him into line right away, but it’s not a technique I’m fond of. When I’m drowning ladies, I grab on to whatever float is nearby, so to speak. In the end, things went smoothly, but at the price of stress on both our parts. The constant refrain of the last few days from Michael has been “I need to get less busy.” What is he telling me? I think it is that he is overwhelmed with life. Aren’t we all sometimes.

I am having a personal challenging week too at this time, and am feeling a little overwhelmed. I am having to learn how to prioritize what is important, what to let go of, what to learn from. I am learning how not to make a fuss over the things that don’t matter, and focus on what does. I have made some mistakes, and am learning not to beat myself up if I am sometimes wrong in my approach. Having patience with Michael is also showing me how I have to have patience with myself and others around me when signals get crossed.

When was the last time you made a fuss over something and didn’t need to Moms, whether for your children or yourselves? When did you last try to prioritize being less busy to focus on what really matters to you, to your family? It’s important that we remember to focus on the present, and the people and things that truly make us feel alive. Only by doing that, can we get through life’s challenging moments with our children and ourselves and others. Until next time.

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