Mother’s Day and My Role In The Universe

Yesterday was Mother’s Day as all of you know. It’s a day to stop and reflect on what it is we do every day, which is nurturing and raising another human being to be the best they can be. We get to be part of that whole life cycle, and I for one have to say I am honored to now have the role mother along with my other roles. Some days I don’t feel I deserve such a title when I mess up as a Mom. But then I remember I am human, and fallible. I now tell Michael that we all make mistakes and there is no shame in that. You own up to them, apologize and move on.

Michael kept me on my toes this weekend with lots of life questions, attention for hugs and cuddling in the night, and just general let’s see how far I can go behavior. But it was all good. When I look how far he’s come, I see how far I’ve come and grown as a woman and person. Kids force you into maturity whether you’re ready or not! And exceptional children, well, they push you from childhood to elder hood in a matter of minutes you could say! I’m so grateful for the gift of maturity, grace under pressure and compassion that Michael has helped me find towards others, and most importantly, towards myself, This was something that was sorely lacking in me before.

“Mommy, can I live with you and Daddy forever in our house?”

“Sure you can, honey. But you may want to live in this house with friends, your wife or alone.”

“No, I want to live here with you and Daddy. Then we can all go to heaven when we’re old.”

The deep conversations like these usually occur at bedtime. I treasure these times when I can really see what he’s thinking and I trust that, to the best of my abilities, I am giving him accurate information.

I hope all of you Exceptional Moms out there had an exceptional Mother’s Day! I also hope you had time to reflect on your importance in the lives of your children, families, and community. Remember, the sacredness of what you are doing, preparing another life for the world in every possible way. Until next time.

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