Prayer And Reaching Out to Something Bigger Than Ourselves

Yesterday morning as usual Michael and I were praying before the bus came. Every morning before he goes to school we say a prayer together at the door. It is something I did with my Mom growing up and I wanted to pass this particular tradition down. We do the same thing before bed at night. Lately though, I have been noticing Michael is more aware of the words he is saying, how he positions his hands in prayer, and will start over if he feels he mispronounces a word. I caught this particularly yesterday, when he stopped himself from continuing the prayer to fix his hands.

“Michael honey, God doesn’t care if your hands are like that or if you stumble over a word. You know God loves you no matter what.”

“He does Mommy?”


He smiled and started his prayer out loud.

“Thank you God for this day, for my family, health. Help get me and my family home safely today. I love you God, I love you Jesus. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.”

Then he waited while I said my prayer out loud and went down our driveway to wait for the school bus.

Prayer and spiritual beliefs have always comforted me and helped me realize I am not alone and have support in this world, not only on a human plane with family and friends, but on a divine one. I truly believe for any of us having this concept of something bigger than us is helpful in navigating some of the harder areas of life. I can already see that despite some of the stresses this abstract concept causes Michael, he has embraced this feeling of being connected to something bigger just as I did when I was a child.The other day he was re-enacting with me with water from the sink the sacrament of baptizing and tearing off pieces of his toast giving bread like they showed him at his last catechism class in preparation for First Communion. He is understanding and internalizing these concepts and I think it is helping me feel calmer too.

How has reaching out to something bigger than you helped you in your lives, Exceptional Moms, whether it be on a spiritual level or other? I really believe that when we see the world beyond our own lives and experience, it opens us up to so much more giving and receiving. And when we live our lives knowing we are not alone and are connected to something bigger, that is when our lives truly change and our true purpose here is revealed to us. Imagine passing that gift on to our Exceptional Children as well. Until next time.

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