Day: May 4, 2015

Fixing What Needs To Be Fixed-“I’m Your Human GPS Mommy!”

On Friday Michael will be home on a PED DAY. A friend’s Mom in his class has invited us over for a play date. It is in another part of town I am not familiar with.

“Will you get lost Mommy? If you do, it’s ok. I’m your human GPS.” Michael proudly told me. Then he thoughtfully paused and asked, “Will I get lost like you one day?” I was torn between laughing my head off and being offended. I chose to find this funny because it is. Michael loves directions and orienting himself, and wants to make sure he stays good at it. He probably will. This is one of his strong suits, unlike his mother.

“No, honey. You already have a better sense of direction than I do. I’m very proud of you!” I said smiling at him.

His need to control this sense of direction has caused fights from time to time, but it’s well worth seeing his independent self come out. He is developing many different abilities, his love of singing and b-bopping (look out Justin Timberlake!), his sense of directions, and his imaginative or pretend play with friends where he goes on all kinds of adventures, from buying floss, to baking, to playing in the yard. He keeps Green Lantern, Meeko and others quite busy!

In observing Michael growing in many ways that previously were stunted, he is showing me what parts of me need work. My sense of direction is one of them, but now with Michael and a real GPS when he is not with me, I am learning to overcome some of my more difficult subjects by trying again. He has given me the courage to pick myself up when I fall. Only with persistence, can anything really develop. I’ve learned this in my writing, in my personal relationships, but never applied to other areas of my life, like my fear of navigation, my fears of venturing in new career directions, and my fear of REALLY believing in myself and in what I want to do with my life. Now that is all changing, thanks to seeing Michael’s confidence venturing into the unknown. If my child whose body is constantly at war with the environment he lives in can do it, what’s my excuse for not trying and succeeding?

What are some of your personal fears, Moms? What things have you wanted to try but have been afraid to do? Whatever they are, start trying them. If you’re scared, think of your children and what they have and will overcome. They are your examples of what persistence and belief in oneself can accomplish. Apply that same attitude towards yourself. They’ll be no bounds that you won’t be able to reach, as a result. Until next time.