Deep Questions Mixed With Simplicity-The Perfect Equation For Happiness

“Why did God decide not to give me brothers and sisters Mommy?”
“Because God decided to give you lots of cousins and friends instead.”

He smiled. Phew! I avoided that minefield. This wasn’t the first time Michael had asked me this question, yet this time he seemed to be demanding a more in depth explanation. What I told him seemed to work. I hoped it would stick this time. He has started asking a lot more questions about the role God plays in his life, why things are the way they are. I am proud, but sometimes am not sure how to answer. I am always honest, truthful, and keep it simple. This is what all kids need in their explanations, particularly kids who are exceptional and whose brains work differently.

I wasn’t always this to the point. I used to go into too much detail with Michael and end up stressing us both out. Then I learned that simple is better. It is like mindfulness or living in the present. Dealing with things as they come up makes life a lot easier and more fun to digest. Since I started simplifying things for Michael and myself, I have begun to write better, think better, and have better relationships with family and friends. I feel like life is in balance and I couldn’t be happier.

How could you simplify your lives today, Exceptional Moms? What distractions or multiple agendas could you put on hold to focus on the things that really matter to you? Try it! You won’t regret how simplifying things for yourselves and your kids will help all of you live happier and healthier. Until next time.

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