Exceptional Children and Awareness of True Inner Happiness

There is a saying, “out of the mouth of babes.” This means that children tell us the truth, show us what they are really thinking, and we are left without a doubt in our mind as to which way to proceed. This is becoming more and more true for me, especially in my experience with Michael, an exceptional child. He has told me the truth of what he is feeling in his heart and mind, and has shown me the truth of my life, what was working, what wasn’t, and where I had to fine tune and adjust. He may not always use words, but by his actions, by his questions about life to me, he has forced me, and good on him for that, to question what I was holding dear before, and what was and is really dear to me, what really matters.

In the last year, I did a lot of soul searching, and realized that what I was saying out loud didn’t match what I was feeling inside. I was telling him about what was important in life,  and not mirroring those things to him. When he would ask why Daddy or I had to work and we would tell him to pay bills, I only recently added on that we like what we do for a living and that was important. I always praise his talents and tell him what he could do with those talents, what type of job he could do when he asked me. It’s only fair though, that I tell him to find a job he really enjoys and is good at, or else he won’t be happy. It’s only fair as he was the one who showed me what wasn’t working with jobs I had in the past, both directly and indirectly. He has changed how I see my abilities, and the abilities of those around me. I am doing things in my life now I only dreamed were possible to do before, because I didn’t believe in myself or trust myself enough to take risks. Superficially I would, but I would never go full steam ahead. Writing was only one of those areas that I now pursue with greater confidence. How I act with people, how I advocate for myself has completely changed too. I know what I want and do all I can to achieve it.

How have your lives changed with having your Exceptional Children, Exceptional Moms? Have they showed you what is real, pure and simple, what happiness really is? We adults tend to forget that simple is the way to happiness, and that the way to find that simplicity is to look inside our hearts, inside ourselves to what matters to us, what makes us get excited in the morning and want to get up. Without that we may be living, but we do not have a life. And only with a truly happy life inside and out, can we be the best selves and parents we can. Until next time.

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