“I Am Blessing You With Holy Water Mommy”-Exceptional Children Making Sense of Religion

The other night Michael was being a little silly at bedtime with lots of energy to still burn off. Sigh, it’s been a cold rainy week. I can tell. 🙂 He asked for a glass of water to drink, and then in his eagerness to drink it up fast, he ended up spilling some on himself. He turned to me laughing, “I’m blessing myself with holy water Mommy.” I did not dare laugh though I wanted to, and gently reminded him that the priest blesses us with holy water, not people. I also told him we don’t joke about that. He nodded. It was funny though. He is trying to make sense of his upcoming First Communion celebration in May. From that little joke, stemmed a short conversation about this sacrament and how nervous he is about it. I reminded him that all his classmates are nervous too, and that we would be preparing him for exactly what would happen. I also told him he would do great. Michael is a very spiritual kid and asks lots of questions about God. Sometimes he is silly, sometimes rude to provoke a reaction, but I see he is trying to piece together faith, a concept that is even hard for most neuro typical adults to wrap their heads around. For an exceptional child who needs to see things concretely and often on paper, this is really complex and even anxiety provoking at times. Here is a God that we talk about, but he can’t see with his eyes and touch with his hands. Still, it is his heritage, our family traditions, and I wanted to expose him to that, for better or worse. Faith is what has and continues to carry me through rough waters, and I want Michael to know he has that tool in his arsenal as well, when he is struggling. I want him to learn that God is there, in our hearts, in other people, in various signs we see in the world around us.

How about you Exceptional Moms out there? What do you think about exposing your Exceptional Children to a religious faith or some sort of spirituality? Have you tried it? I know some children are not developmentally ready until they are older, but have you brought them to places of worship and tried explaining religion or spirituality to them? It’s a loaded topic for most parents on what to teach their kids, I know. It definitively comes down to a family’s personal choice and belief system, as well as what they feel will work for their child. I encourage you to examine your family’s belief system, your child’s comprehension level and interest, and then don’t be afraid to introduce any form of spirituality to your children. They may surprise you with what they take away from it, and as a family, you will bond and grow closer than ever. Until next time.

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