Day: April 17, 2015

Michael Opening Me Up To The World-Getting To Know My Neighbors

I used to worry so much when Michael was born if he would ever talk, would he lead a normal life of interacting with people, holding a job, having friends, being happy? The other afternoon while I was still getting my coat on to take him to his catechism class after school, he was out the door having a meet and greet with our next door neighbor. He said hi, how are you and have a good night. I was overwhelmed and very emotional! He was being appropriately social. Michael is a very social kid, always has been, even when he didn’t have the words. But now here he was having a conversation with another person. I was beyond proud! And then I thought of all the times in the last two years we’ve done our walks around the neighborhood. Michael has asked me questions, and been very observant with what is happening around him. And this year, he has started waving and saying hi to neighbors, even those that didn’t answer him. The last two days I have noticed this in particular. What an amazing advancement this is for Michael, for him, for those around us.

Prior to Michael’s birth, I kept a lot to myself. I was not particularly social, other than with the small group of close friends I have. I would admire and cringe as both my parents would work the room with their socializing. My brother was always very extrovert too, so I felt like the family oddball, the one who wanted to sit in the back of the room and observe the action without participating. I figured it was the introverted writer in me, but now I have learned that writers are not all introverts or extroverts. We have a bit of both in us. This is something else that Michael has shown me, my dual nature, all our dual natures which bring us closer as human beings if we embrace it.

Exceptional Moms, what insights have you learned from your Exceptional Children? Are they moving you away from your fears or towards them, or maybe both at the same time? That’s ok if they are. It’s only by facing our fears and becoming one with them, that we can overcome them and grow. I encourage you today to look at all the beauty that your kids have shown you is in the world. Yes, there are the struggles, but it’s when we see our kids’ victorious over life’s struggles that we all win, us, our kids and society. Our children are here to open us up to the world in many ways. Let’s be ready to listen to the message when it comes. Until next time.