Day: April 15, 2015

Bike Riding and Channeling The Little Girl Within

The last two days have been so much fun. It has been great bike riding weather and Michael and I have taken advantage. I have mostly been taking him out alone on his bike. He is in the beginning stages of learning to ride, so needs a few pushes to get started to pedal, as well as the encouragement when he gets tired of peddling. It does take a lot of core strength which he is still in the process of developing with the physiotherapist he is working with. I know in a few weeks though, his speed will pick up like last summer when I saw him take off down the street with me having to run after him. That was when I realized, I need to be riding my bike right next to him. But just like with skating a few months ago, I haven’t ridden a bike since my twenties. I dropped things like skating and biking in pursuit of working, writing, and then got married, bought a house and moved out of the city. Somewhere in all of that, I forgot to stay in touch with my inner child, that little girl who loved biking and skating. She went the way of the Dodo with more important ‘adult’ things to do. Well, guess what ladies? Michael has led me to rediscover another part of myself that has been dormant for too long. That part is the child within who wants and needs to have fun! We all need that in our lives. Fun is as important and mandatory as work, in order to keep the balance that wards off stress, sickness and any other ills that can overtake us.

Monday afternoon before Michael came home from school, I took my bike for a little spin around our block. I felt absolute joy when steering that bike on the beautiful sunny warm day with the wind blowing in my hair. I briefly thought of closing my eyes like the character JackĀ  did in the movie “Titanic”, but realized I would probably end up smashing into a parked car. Not a good way to end such a wonderful experience. But all jokes aside, what it made me realize was how I needed to have fun back in my life in more ways than one. And, as usual, Michael, my Exceptional little boy, was helping me realize that biking was something I had been missing up until now.

What adventures and fun things have your inner children been missing Exceptional Moms? What small things could you do that would make a big difference to your happiness levels? It’s true what they say. It is the little things that bring us joy. So don’t be afraid to step out of your adult comfort zones. Try the things that were fun for you as a child. You won’t regret how good and whole you’ll feel after. Giving the adult you time to play will make you a happier Mom and person to be around. Until next time.