Walking To Help With Balance and Bonding

Last Friday morning dawned beautiful, bright and mild. After running some errands in the early am, Michael and I came home from the shopping center. I asked if he’d like to go on a walk, a long walk. Our tradition last spring and fall was to walk around our neighborhood together and talk. A year ago the conversation would be focused on different tree types. Last year, Michael’s interest turned to directions and street names. Orienting himself in time and space took a new turn! And now he LOVES directions and learning where landmarks and things are.

“Can we go on the Boulevard and then take that street and then turn there and take that street home, Mommy? ”

You get the drift. So we set off on a walk to the main boulevard, went down the busy stretch of strip malls, to the local library and all around. At one point we had been walking an hour and a half! I hadn’t thought to bring water as it wasn’t that warm out, but we were tired and thirsty. We were approaching a bus shelter with benches.

“Mommy, can we sit down and rest? I’m tired.”

“Sure buddy.”

Then after a few minutes of watching massive amounts of traffic congesting on the busy stretch, Michael asked more questions.

“Why are there so many people out Mommy? Where are they going?”

“It’s Good Friday. They’re home and getting ready for their Easter celebrations. Some are celebrating Passover. They are probably going shopping for food and presents and other things.”

“Oh, ok.

Then after about five more minutes of talking, Michael announced he was ready to go. We both got up and headed home. What a great walk! We also talked about where I used to walk as a little girl, about going for ice cream to his favorite shop, and about going to play in the parks when all the snow melted.

Remember walks with friends like this when you were young ladies? In this, as in other areas of my life, Michael is reminding me of the importance of prioritizing things that are important to me- exercise, companionship and storytelling. What important activities do you like to do that you’ve been neglecting? Do your Exceptional Children remind you of them when you are spending time together or when you see them playing? Don’t hesitate to enjoy that quality time by yourself, with your children, with other adults. Walking is by far one of the best ways to connect with your family, friends and with yourself. Being in balance with body and mind leads to a happy life. Until next time.

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