Why We Have The Lives We Do – Michael’s Reminder To Me About Faith

The other night as I was doing the Wilbarger Protocol (a specialized OT massage I was trained to do) on Michael before bed, he suddenly asked:

“Mommy, where was I before I was with you? Why did God give me to you?”

Now all jokes aside ladies, in tougher moments I have thought and asked God why He thought I was the right person to parent an Exceptional Child, especially as I often felt I fell short of being the best role model at times. But I stress, I never ever uttered these words out loud in front of Michael. So, where did he come up with a question like that?

“Before you were with me, you were with God.” I answered him. “And God gave you to me because he knew you would be the perfect son for me and I would be the perfect Mom for you.”

Michael smiled, relaxed even more, and then said. “OK Mommy.”

Over the course of the last year, I’ve really seen how I was meant to be Michael’s Mom, and how everything in my life has been preparing me for it. Michael is here to teach me to be more open in my life, more forgiving of mine and other people’s shortcomings, more willing to live happily in the present, and let go of my worry of the past and the future. God, or for those of you who prefer to think, the Universe, gives us consciously and unconsciously what we need in our lives to make it better. It’s not always something we want, or think we want. But, it’s always what we need.

I’ve always been a religious person for most of my life. Faith in a higher power has always helped me make sense of the world, face trials, and strive to be the best I can be in this life. After Michael was born, I turned to God and prayer more than ever. And I was not let down. Through the years, my faith has grown, even during the very difficult times. I have learned and have been teaching Michael to reach out in prayer, to ask God for help, to be open to new things. And now Michael is beginning to have spiritual discussions with me, about life, where we come from, even about death. Moments like these make the hard ones bearable, and show me my mission more than ever, be open to the world, and remember that we are all here for a reason. Our job is to find that reason.

What is your reason for being here Exceptional Moms? Why do you have the life you do? What great plans are laid out for you, for your children? Don’t be afraid to ask the deeper questions to yourselves, no matter what your spiritual affiliations are. You won’t be sorry when you connect the dots, and start seeing that you are on the path you were always meant to be on, albeit getting there by a different route. Until next time.

2 thoughts on “Why We Have The Lives We Do – Michael’s Reminder To Me About Faith

  1. I have something I’ve always wanted to show you but keep forgetting about. It is a story about patron saints and exceptional parents. maybe you’ve already seen it. It was given to me when I was working as an integration aide. I used to come home and thank God that my children were for the most part OK…always wondered how parents coped with exceptional children. I’m so glad your strong faith has helped you…it certainly has helped me with my disorder, even in the darkest moments I knew I could rely on it.


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