Easter Celebrations and How Exceptional Children Make Them Memorable

We have arrived at the long Easter weekend. We have our usual routine along with new things being thrown in the mix. We will be taking Michael to the Easter Petting Farm at one of the local malls near us, coloring Easter eggs, visiting his paternal godmother and grandparents, and visiting his maternal grandmother, grandfather, godfather and extended family on my side on another day. We’ll also be attending Easter Sunday mass which is always nice, and doing our family Easter egg hunt when we get home. I buy the plastic eggs at Dollorama and put little mini chocolates in them. Some years we’ve done the hunt in our yard with Johnny filming, but this year there is still snow on the ground and it will be cold. We will be doing it in our basement. Michael is excited, as always, about visiting one set of family on one day, and one on the other, as well as going to church and the Easter Egg Hunt. This is what he has come to understand about Easter. Being Catholic, we talk about the religious significance which he is starting to understand, as well as the secular one of spring being on its way. We hope! Please come green grass, flowers, warmer temperatures! 🙂

Having an Exceptional Child has helped me redefine what Easter means over the years, from our religious celebrations to the secular.  We have adapted celebrations with pictos, headphones and in other ways too to help Michael feel as comfortable participating as possible. Introducing Michael to our traditions from a young age has helped make things clearer for us too, about what time this time of year means. Easter reminds me that Spring is around the corner. It is about rebirth, renewal and a fresh start, for all of us. That is what I look forward to most of all.

What does Easter mean for you and your family Exceptional Moms? Is is religious, secular, both? Does your family gather and celebrate Spring and new beginnings? No matter what your celebrations hold, I wish you and yours a very Happy Easter, Passover or whatever celebrations you and your family hold dear. And I wish new beginnings for you and your family this upcoming spring season. Until next time.

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