Day: April 2, 2015

Autism Awareness Day And Month And Greater Awareness From The World

Today Thursday, April 2nd, is Autism Awareness Day. Light It Up Blue! April is Autism Awareness Month. Looking at my life and those of my friends, however, every day is Autism Awareness Day for us and our kids. I am so glad though, that the world is taking notice, and wanting to learn and help families who have these exceptional lives, with some very difficult moments. Michael has brought so much to my life, to all our lives in our family. But it’s been by reaching out to community organizations, support groups, professionals, and by learning to really listen to Michael, that we have learned how to live in the midst of someone so different and exceptional.  He has been able to let his star shine, and shown us the confidence to let our own stars shine too. Michael has taught me so much about living life to the fullest, enjoying every moment, every day, and when stuck, trying again and again to get better. He never gives up, and as a result, he has taught me to never give up on my dreams. As a matter of fact, he has given me the courage to finally pursue my dreams and to reach out and help others do the same.

I will be interviewed today on The Barry Morgan Show CJAD 800 AM radio at 1:30 pm about this blog in honor of Autism Awareness Month, and the journey Michael has put me on to find my higher self and to help other Moms find their higher selves too. Moms can see they are not alone, and as hard as raising an exceptional child is, it is far more rewarding in the end despite or in spite of the struggles. Our kids help us be the best we can be, and if we listen, they show us what following our heart really means. Until next time.