“I’m Having Pizza for Supper! YEAHHH!”- Exceptional (And All Children’s) Joy And Appreciation Of The Little Things

Happy parents and children eating pizza and fries at home - stock ...

After a good day at school and daycare, on Friday night I delivered the best possible news to Michael.

“Michael, guess what we’re having for supper tonight?” I paused a fraction of a second. “Pizza!” And I waited for his response.

“What Mommy? Pizza! Oh wow! Yeahh! I’m so happy! Let’s conga!”

And we proceeded to do a conga singing at the top of our lungs, “Dooo, dooo, conga!” We did this over and over until we reached Michael’s bedroom. This is Johnny’s happy song. Michael would watch Johnny be silly and do this when he had a good day, and Michael would grin along with me. Then he broke into singing one of my favorite songs when we got to his room.

“Ohhh, freak out!”

And he proceeded to sing “Le Freak,” that seventies’ song that was redone in the eighties, and many other times since then, I’m sure. I was doing the “Conga” and “Le Freak” with him laughing all the way. What a joy! This is what it means to being happy with the little things. Pizza for supper, watching a movie, having a friend over. These are things he treasures, that light up his little face. He doesn’t need fancy, expensive things to be happy. Good lesson for Mom. 🙂

When was the last time I had been as happy as I had been with Michael on Friday night? Fortunately, many recent nights came back to me. A lovely lunch I had with two dear friends last week, a writer’s workshop I attend weekly, and a Ladies Night last month with old school friends where I laughed so hard at a joke that I started crying, tears streaming down my face. Therapeutic, fun, and something I can do, any of us can do.


What simple things and moments in your life have made you happy, exceptional Moms? I know you’ll probably think of many now. And if you can’t, think of the last time you were close to feeling happy, at peace, and joyful. Maybe you need to take a drive or walk to a wilderness area or park. Maybe curl up with a book or a notebook if you write, sketch or paint. What about meditating or exercising to your favorite soundtrack? Whatever you choose, make sure it captures the joy, the happiness of living in the moment. Children, especially exceptional children, tend to do this effortlessly. You’ll remind yourself of what is really important in the journey of life. Until next time.

Writer’s Workshop

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