“Mommy, I love daycare and my new friends!”- The Importance of Friendship For Wholeness

Michael’s reaction to attending “daycare” the after-school program at a school up the street from us, has been a bit up and down, at least with me. At school, my child apparently happily proclaims, “My Mommy packed me this for daycare. I’m going to daycare today.” With me though, he will sometimes protest why he has to go. He always had fun, and I knew it was only a matter of him getting used to it and making friends. Two young boys from our church who go there have helped, and now he has met a young lady working with his aide who has befriended him. That seems to have sealed the deal, as they say. Not only have the behaviors stopped when I pick him up from daycare, but last night he told me how much he loves daycare. And for summer camp? He actually is excited about potentially going to a local camp for 2 weeks after his adapted camp finishes, where he would be integrated with a shadow! This is music to my ears. Now, it’s just a matter of finalizing things. Fingers crossed or the last weeks of summer vacation will be REALLY LONG. 🙂 But I digress.

Don’t we all need friendship to make us feel whole ladies? Don’t we all crave belonging to a group, to an organization, knowing that we are part of something that is bigger than us? I sure do. Though I am more of an introvert in many ways and solitary (us writers are like that), there is another side of me. It is a side that wants to connect, wants to reach out and help those around me. I always had a bit of this in me. Many moons ago when I was working full time in an office, I would go out evenings to the gym, three writers’ groups and meet up with my girlfriends. I wondered if it was because I hated my job, and this was my escape, temporary, from my mundane boring life, this needing to go out at night. Sigh. Yes, my life was simple and boring in those days. I don’t miss the misery, but sometimes I miss the simplicity of it all. 🙂 I see now that the desire to connect to others was always there. After becoming a new mother and adjusting to it, the desire came back. But, as I mentioned in another blog, I couldn’t find my community. Most Moms had gone back to work and I was a stay-at-home Mom by choice then, so was lonely and lost. Then autism hit. And socializing went out the window. But slowly, slowly, I found my community, the Special Needs Community, that not only helped  me and my family feel confident again, but provided us with support, friendship and helped us feel part of the bigger whole, the purpose of life which I believe is connection, helping others and doing our vocation. This is what we are all here on this earth for.

How many times have you exceptional Moms found yourselves wanting to reach out to other Moms but made excuses for whatever reason? I’m sure, though our children have social challenges, they all want to be accepted for who they are, and want and need friendships in their lives. Michael has once again reminded me of how important those connections are to happiness. Don’t be afraid to take those risks. You won’t regret how good you’ll feel as a woman, as a Mom and as a person. Until next time.

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