Vision Boards and Finding Our Unique Direction in the Universe: Adapted Visuals/Pictos for the Exceptional Moms!

Yesterday I held a small workshop in my home with some wonderful exceptional mom friends from my support group. This was our first gathering, I hope the first of many, and we met to build Vision Boards together. Some of the Moms couldn’t make it, so I”ll definitively be doing a second Vision Board workshop next month. I first found out about Vision Boards about two or three months ago, when stumbling upon it on a website that talked about finding your true purpose in the world. I also read about it in one of Jack Cansfield’s books, “How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To  Be,” which motivated me originally to get started on my journey of self-discovery. Shortly afterwards, I built my first Vision Board with two friends, and I have seen many of the things on my board begin to unfold in my life in the last three months. I can therefore attest to its validity, and to the fact that if you pick pictures that represent what you want out of life and where you want to go, it will begin to manifest itself in your daily life.

It also struck me yesterday morning as we were all chatting and cutting out pictures from magazines, that this is not unlike what our exceptional children use and need to find their place in the world. Michael uses visuals and pictos to orient himself and see what’s happening next in the universe for him. More common ground that we Moms have with our exceptional children than ever before! And, as Moms to children who think and feel the world in a different and unique way, we can really begin to understand how piecing our dreams together, having them there on paper, can make a difference in having the confidence to go after what we need to do to make our dreams happen!

Looking at my Vision Board nightly or daily (I have experimented with both), is  helping cement those images of a life of adventure, beauty, and passion for a career that fulfills and completes me, as well as helps me gives back to the world that has given me so much. I meditate on those images sometimes as well, and I ask God, the Universe, to give me strength to overcome my weaknesses, and help me continue to manifest the beauty that my subconscious helped me place on my board. Again, trusting our instincts as exceptional Moms, will help us build on our present for a better and more whole future for ourselves. Until next time.

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