Curiosity And Learning: How Our Exceptional Children Remind Us To Venture Into The Unknown

I caught myself the other day going down one of the main boulevards near my house and planning out my route, and I mean my exact route, just as Michael, my exceptional son with autism, would do. The first question out of his mouth when he gets off the bus is:

“Mommy, how was your day? What did you do?”

Sweet, I know. And then comes the inevitable, “How did you get there? What streets did you take?”

So it’s no wonder I’ve started paying attention to directions! And though he can become, shall we say, obsessed by directions, he is learning how to navigate, how to find his way in the world with his sense of direction. And you know what ladies? He is showing me to do the same! The woman who has no sense of direction (ask anyone who knows me), I am now consciously and unconsciously asking myself how to get places, noticing landmarks, and even when I get lost (yes, still happens unless I have my GPS. Heck, I finally had the courage to get one!), I am less afraid to take chances, venture into the unknown, and take a risk. I always find my way home again, even if it takes me three hours. (just kidding) 🙂  Even with me, I swear.
I’m sure all of you Exceptional Moms out there learn millions of things everyday from your Exceptional Children, and I don’t mean the things society says they can’t do. I mean the things society doesn’t always see that they can do. These are the things they were put here on this earth to show us, their Exceptional Moms, and the rest of the world too. Things like Michael showing me to live life more in the moment, take risks, ask questions about directions over and over till I get it right, and not caring what others think. Michael is genuine, and not afraid to be Michael, and now I, Joanne, am not afraid to be Joanne anymore.

So how about you Moms? What have you been putting off learning, exploring, pushing toward? Let your Exceptional Children be your guides to finding out your inner and outer strengths. They are your guides as much as you are theirs. And when you explore new directions you can’t help but growing as a person.  Until next time.

One thought on “Curiosity And Learning: How Our Exceptional Children Remind Us To Venture Into The Unknown

  1. Joanne, don’t worry you are not the only one having trouble with directions, many women do. When my son was younger like 5 or 7 I can’t remember he guided me to go to the park near our house and it is a familiar road yet I couldn’t remember how to get there because I have not been there for a while and my son showed me the way and then laughed at me for not knowing the way. For me it was an opportunity to show him how great and smart he is to lead an adult to the park. The gift in me being lost was that it gave him more self-confidence.
    See you later tonight.


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