Day: March 9, 2015

“I Want Another Mommy-We’ll Drop You Off At My Friend’s House”


From time to time Michael is silly. Ok, more than from time to time. It is who he is. He is adorable. However, sometimes what he says can be shocking to me, like when he says he wants another Mommy, and names a good friend of mine to be my ‘replacement.’ Not to have my husband Johnny feel excluded, he includes this same friend’s husband as his ‘ideal’ father. It’s been funny when from time to time he has joked, “I want Samantha (not her real name) and Eric (not his real name) to be my mother and father now. ” But the other day he took it to a new level. He was mad at me that day for disciplining him. My husband was still his buddy at this point, so he said to his father; “Daddy, let’s drop Mommy off at Samantha’s house with her kids, and bring her back to my house to be my Mommy.” We told him you can’t do that.  I held off laughing as not to encourage this type of behavior, and eventually he and I worked out our differences. He told me what was bothering him. Never a dull moment.

Raising special needs or exceptional children requires having a thick skin, a strong sense of self, and remembering that like all children, a lot of the testing is simply making sure you’ll love them unconditionally no matter what. I think that is what we all want. However, I know the only way we can show that kind of love to our children is by showing it to ourselves first. Once we do that, we see our children’s insecurities for what they are, their own growing up and fears of the unknown. As adults, hopefully we have cleared up a lot of our personal issues so we can be there for our kids. I have made mistakes with Michael. Every parent makes them with their child, but one thing I pride myself on is the fact that I have learned to trust myself and my instincts and can now pass that on to Michael. So when he tests me with wanting another Mommy, I won’t take it to heart. I know who I am, what my purpose is in this world, and I can show it to Michael in a healthy secure way. I can also laugh at his precociousness and know deep down inside, he loves me too. Until next time.