The Wonders of Qigong Sensory Treatment Massage for Exceptional Moms and their Kids!

About a year ago my son Michael was going through a terrible time with very aggressive behaviors (hitting his head, hitting my arms, walls), as well as severe anxiety. None of the previous ways of handling these behaviors were working. I was out of my mind with stress and heading for a burnout, when a dear friend told me about Qigong Sensory Treatment Massage for Autism. In fact, she was certifying to become a Qigong therapist, and had done the massage on her own two boys with autism. She couldn’t believe the changes that started occurring shortly afterwards. I liked the idea that it was a hands on massage where a certified Qigong therapist would train the parent to perform the massage. It only needed to be done once a day, and the total time investment was fifteen minutes.

I had  a good feeling about trying another massage. Years back when Michael’s sensory issues were quite bad (he could not sit still in his preschool class to learn or even eat his snack), I worked with our private OT who trained me to do the Wilbarger Protocol, a massage with a special therapeutic brush and joint compressions, which had to be performed several times a day at the beginning to calm and steady the nervous system. I ended up doing it for six months, and the results were amazing. I was hoping for similar results this time, and was not disappointed.

Qigong Sensory Treatment Massage for Autism is basically the balancing of the energy in the body. I cannot say enough amazing things about it. It helped connect me even more to Michael, and the verbal as well as social advances he made after only two weeks of the massage were incredible. Another amazing thing. He had been trying so hard to ride a bicycle with training wheels and could not do it. After two weeks of the massage, he was riding his two wheeler with training wheels! It was incredible to see.

I am still doing the massage treatment today. It has been a life altering experience for me and Michael, and in keeping with changing my life to one of joy and balance, I would not hesitate to recommend trying this massage on your child. For more information on Qigong Sensory Treatment Massage for Autism and to find a certified therapist in your area, you can click on the following website: Until next time.


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