An Exceptional Valentine’s Celebration-A New Holiday to Mark With Our Children

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Remember Valentine’s Day, fellow Moms? If you were lucky, there would be a romantic cards, dinner out at a lovely restaurant, or home cooked together with hubby over candlelight, chocolates, real roses, a movie and entertainment later on into the night, if you know what I mean. Yes, that’s how those kids got here! 🙂 Now, post kids? What does Valentine’s Day look like for you, especially with our unpredictable exceptional children? Well, for me, it consists of buying hubby a romantic card, a nice dinner at home by candle light, ( tea lights or Dollarama fake candles which are safer), surrounded by Valentine decorations that Michael likes, takeout pizza that Michael enjoys, chocolates for desert (small amount for Michael) and LOTS of wine for Mom and Dad, actually more than before for some reason. 🙂 But I digress.

Things have done a 360, to say the least. The most romantic day of the year for me (yes, I was one of those in the past) 🙂 has become a sort of family day celebration with marks the love we show to each other with goodies, (chocolates) and a small token gift we buy for Michael. Need to save money so we don’t splurge on each other anymore. Sigh. But it’s beautiful and special in its own way, and the anticipation that builds until Valentine’s for Michael is priceless, along with the parties at school and extracurricular activity parties. He also loves to decorate the Valentine’s cards we buy for his teachers and friends. There is lots of excitement. And this is great. With all the commercialism surrounding Valentine’s and the sadness people who aren’t in relationships feel, taking the pressure off of it being a romantic day is great. We are in a new phase of our lives as exceptional Moms, and celebrating this holiday in an inclusive way with the whole family is a great way to promote showing love and expressing feelings for our children. Even before Michael could understand, I was already marking Valentine’s with decorations and his wonderful adapted schools went from there.

I am very happy that he knows how to show love and give love. There is a different kind of excitement that builds up in our house now with Valentine’s coming, and I’m sure in most of yours too, but it is appropriate and right for our lives as exceptional Moms. We adapt the holidays as we adapt other life events for our children, because they bring so much into our lives that make them full and interesting. Until next time.


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