How Exceptional Mothers Can Stay Sane and Grow- Keeping A Journal and Memoir Writing

I love writing, have loved it ever since I was a child. I used to make up stories and plays that I acted out with my dolls and later my brother, who is three years younger than I, and was a wonderful play mate. As I got older, like most young girls, I discovered journal writing. I wrote about my first crush, my first fight with my best friend, and all the confusing feelings and angst about growing up, finding my way and my place in the world. Ah, the teen years. Most of us don’t want to go back to that turbulent time. 🙂

Last spring I was re-introduced by a very good therapist to writing in a journal as a source of exploring my feelings and healing from my emotional pain. What I also discovered from writing in my journal, was a whole story about raising Michael that had been brewing inside of me for years. It is a memoir about the ups and downs of living with an exceptional child, but also about my growth as a mother and person as a result of this experience.

I think the art of writing about our children, our experiences  as exceptional Moms, is something we all can and must do. It is cathartic for us, and necessary for healing and moving forward to the next stage of our lives. It has been my free therapy, as I called it. Only when we are honest about where we are in our lives, can we make the changes we need to make to go to the next level. Then as women and mothers we can be balanced, whole and alive.

Until next time.


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