Explaining My Jobs to Michael-Treating Writing and Blogging As Important As Any Job

I was having coffee with a dear friend this morning, when we got to talking about how Michael was handling after school care two afternoons a week. This is a big transition for him and me, as he has never gone to an after-school program before. I wanted to give him the experience to socialize with the other children there, as well as open myself up for more work opportunities at my retail job. He will ask me now, “Mommy did you work today?” And I would answer him, “Yes, today I worked until 3:00 pm or yes I worked till 1:00 or 2:00.” I would also say in the past, “No, today I did not work. I did my writing and blogging.” But after talking to my dear friend this morning, she made a very valid point. My writing and blogging are just as much my work as is my retail job.  I may not get the traditional pay cheque with my writing, but is that the only way to measure what real work is? It is as if I would be dismissing the work I do as a mother because I do not get paid for doing it. And I’m the first person to say that as women, we all have our jobs of mother and housekeeper (let’s face it, most of the time it still does fall to the women) , and whatever other outside job you do. I told her she was right. So today when Michael asked me about work, I told him that I did not work at the store, but worked at my blog and on my writing. And it felt good, good to be acknowledging a part of myself that I did not recognize as important before, but is essentially at the core of who I am. I am someone who wants to give back to the countless Moms that have helped me. I want to do this by reaching out with words of support, humor, and sometimes frustration. We are not alone ladies,. This is something I still forget from time to time, but each day I am reminded about strength in numbers. Without my female friends, I would be nowhere, and am extremely grateful to all of you.

So next time you find yourself underestimating the housework you do, the countless hours of therapy and administrative support you do for your child/dren, and other family members, remember that those are all jobs too. You are your child/ren’s greatest advocate, supporter, teacher, and that this is and will always be your most important job ever. But also remember that the things that fill you with joy, passion, and fulfillment must continue to be practiced. Only then are you are really living in your full spirit, and living the life you were meant to live. Until next time.


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