Massage: My Best Reset Tool for Body, Mind and Spirit

I have spoken before in another post about my depression and burnout that happened almost a year ago. It was my second episode. The first happened in my early thirties, and now that I know I am susceptible to this kind of reaction when life gets stressful, I am watching my lifestyle habits, and seeing what I can do to feel my best and do my best all the time. One of the tools I found that has really helped me (and continues to do so), is massage. As a matter of fact, it was at the beginning of my burnout last year, that a chair massage helped release so much pent up emotion and made me see what steps I had to take next. After the massage was finished and I was driving home in my car,  I remember having to pull over in a shopping center parking lot to cry out all the emotions that were coming up. It felt good to be letting it out though. Afterwards, I went for a walk around my neighborhood. It was spring, a dull but mild day. During the walk, I started thinking about what I needed to change, what I needed to ask for.  I prayed to God. Please show me the way. I am so lost. And as always, the universe and God, were there with help for me. A close friend was in the process of completing her massotherapy studies to open up her own business, and she needed volunteers to ‘practice’ on. I kid you not, I lucked out last spring when she asked me!  It was the beginning of something beautiful.

My friend, by the way, graduated with flying colors, and now has opened her business. It is called “The Spa House.” Her website is She is professional, thorough, and knows what stress feels like on the inside and out being a busy Mom herself.  She has lots of great promotions, and of course, I recommend  her highly. 🙂 My massage experiences last spring, have showed me that this is a tool that really can help clear out some of the baggage I am carrying around inside. It’s my time for me. Yes, it costs money, and as Moms of special needs children, whatever spare (or not) money we have goes on therapies or activities for our kids. But you know what? We matter too! If we burn out, who will be there to take care of us and our families? A wise woman, a great social worker/counselor I was seeing last year told me:

“Think of yourself as the CEO of your family. A CEO, a good one, takes care of themselves. When they are in balance, they can run a company efficiently.”

Aren’t we the CEO’s of our households Moms? Think about it, what you do everyday to make things run smoothly for everyone.  It doesn’t matter what activity you choose, just choose some ‘you’ time in the best fashion you can think to have it.  We all have a “Reset Tool” or “Tools” that we unconsciously apply, both healthy and unhealthy. Let’s see if we can remember in 2015 to use our healthy reset tools to live our best life possible. Here’s to all the CEO Mom friends I know. 🙂  Until next time.

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