Soon to Be Mommy Writer- 3 Important Life Lessons I Learned Since Becoming A Mom


Ah, the words are flowing from my hands on to the screen (or not), as I enjoy my last few days of working on my novel before Michael was born. This picture was taken almost 8 years ago.There he is, the little hill that is my belly! How life changed a few weeks later. 🙂  I came across this picture today, and it brought back so many memories. Mainly though, it has reminded me about 3 important life lessons that I have learned since becoming a Mom:

1) Take the the time to enjoy your ‘free time’ when you can, savor that cup of coffee slowly, listen to that song you love, meditate, do yoga, stretch.

2) Finish that magazine article in the toilet (hey, that’s how I finish most of my parenting magazines .It’s the only place where there is a lock on the door! ) 🙂

3) Don’t be afraid to have a dream. Mine is for all my novels to be bestselling novels, and that dream is what gets me through the tough days I have with Michael.

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