“Actually, I Don’t Think So, Put A Dent In It”- Paraphrasing Mom

I’m so proud of how much language Michael is absorbing these days. But he really is like a parrot, I have to say. You must be careful what you say around him. I use the words “Actually, I don’t believe so, or do that etc” and Michael has now started imitating me. It’s quite funny. I’ll ask him something and he’ll say “Actually I don’t think so, Mommy” with a big smile on his face. Another favorite of mine when I want him to eat more: “Come on Michael, put a dent in it.” And the other day after finishing his whole plate guess what he said: “Look Mommy, I put a dent in it.” He pointed to his empty plate with pride. Sigh.  Well, if anything, this is showing me how to set a good example around him, and as they say, ‘little pitchers have big ears.’ 🙂


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